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The Naval Base


First I would like to apologize for my absence. Anyway, last month I went to the great lakes naval base. Most of the things we saw are classified, but I can tell you that we had fun. On the way, we went to culvers, and it was better than usual though the food took awhile. Anyway, I am not a food critic so anywho,  when we got to the base, we set up on the floor of a gym (it was more comfortable than you would expect) and worked out. The next day, I learned the true meaning of 'heaven on earth'. The food was spectacular, and I could not get enough. Later, we went to the "ship in a bottle", which was a scale battleship used for training. I skipped out to go rock climbing which I am bad at. We ate lunch, then hung around the gym until dinner. In a nutshell, that was my first offical Boy Scout campout.