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The Rockford Speedway

  A few weeks ago, when my Cub Scout pack went to the Rockford Speedway my dad and I got there early, so we watched the practice runs. After a few laps, they called the Cub Scouts over to the pit area and showed us the cars. The youngest driver was eight years old! We saw some small cars, and they were about two feet high! After that, it was race time!

American Supercup Racer

 The Scouts went out for the flag and ‘pick your position’ ceremonies. The racers rolled a pair o’ dice and took the position that was rolled. We were right by them as said action happened. It was amazing!

 The races begin! There were roadrunners, and even the little car races, American Super-car races!  The phrase ‘tiny but mighty’ applies here; they were going as fast as their full size counterparts! The strangest thing is that adults were driving them instead of children!

 Next was the thirty lap, thirty-three car, roadrunner race! The most roadrunners allowed on one track at one time! #72 was ‘crowned’ roadrunner champion of the night.

 Now, people who have gone before probably know the history of wacky car sports in their past. Tonight was boat races. People chained or tied old, junky boats to cars and raced the cars. No trailers, but, someone brought a hot rod limo, and someone tied a jet ski to it. It flew off at the first turn.

 After that, they had signed photos of the drivers in the pit areas. It had been a great experience, and I wish I could go one more time.